Read BaZi Charts – BaZi Reading for Beginners
Read BaZi Charts – BaZi Reading for Beginners

A beginner student studying the art of analysing and reading BaZi charts is often confused as to what is the best way to study this subject. Students are constantly asking how to read bazi charts of their family and friends.

You need to have an open mind and open to learning new concepts. The topic on BaZi Reading or Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis is wide and it is often difficult to comprehend.

Our minds are not trained see things beyond what they really are. But once you start learning the theory of five elements, you will begin to expand your imagination and see life from a different perspective.

This is a very exciting subject. If you are able to read BaZi charts and interpret them well, you would be a very much sought-after professional. Many beginners have started out “raw” and they eventually become a professional BaZi consultant.

You can be a consultant too. You just need to put your mind to it. But, just like many beginner students before you, the question is, where do you start? What’s the best way to learn this seemingly difficult subject?

This is what we will explore shortly.

Your first step to read BaZi Chart

Your first step to learn how to read a BaZi chart is to learn how to find the strength of the Day Master. Day Master is the reference point in the BaZi chart. It represents the person or subject we are reading. The Day Master is the main energy or Qi of the day of birth.

When you analyze a BaZi chart, you are analysing how this Day Master interacts with the other different energies that controls the month, year and hour at the time of birth.

But before you can begin to interpret the charts, there are fundamental principles and concepts that you must know prior to finding the strength of Day Master. The following are the basic fundamental topics:

  • Structure of a BaZi chart
  • Heavenly Stems
  • Earthly Branches
  • Combinations of Stems and Branches
  • Transformation
  • Theory of Five Elements

The first three items on the list introduces the layout and explains what goes into the eight boxes of the chart. The next two items talks about the relationships of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and last item talks about the theory behind the art of Chinese Metaphysics. These are the basics you must know before anything else.

Many students started off on the wrong foot by going straight into interpreting BaZi charts. Many students were given advance examples of analysing a BaZi chart. But guess what? They see the “stars” first before they can tell what’s going on. Don’t let that happen to you.

Why the strength of Day Master?

The basic core principles of Chinese Metaphysics is always about finding balance. The balance is from the circle of Five Elements.

Five Element Diagram

When all five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are balanced, every living being will be in harmony. Peace and long-lasting life shall prevail.

But, life as we know, is not that way. This means there is bound to be imbalance in our life and what kept us going is the counter energy that is keeping it in balance.

All our BaZi charts are not balanced. Therefore, the purpose of finding the strength of Day Master is to look for the imbalance in the chart. It is to identify the strong and weak elements in it. The strength of the elements will influence the Day Master. Once we know the strength of the element, we will know the strength of the Day Master.

After finding the strength of the Day Master, you will now know the area of imbalance in your BaZi chart. A BaZi professional is able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses just from the imbalance. And, by knowing the imbalance, they are able to provide solutions to solve your problem. The method is simply to find the element to bring BALANCE to your chart. With the element, we translate it to Ten Gods and from Ten Gods, your life story.

How does Strength of Day Master Help?

Getting the strength of the Day Master correct is the first step all budding students of BaZi must know. This is your starting point. It is extremely important that you get this right otherwise your readings may be totally off and worst, you may say the wrong thing and give wrong advise.

This is one of the areas many students gets it wrong most of the time. If your reading is off, this is the first place to check.

Once you know the strength of your Day Master, you find so many things about yourself or the person who is consulting you for advise.

Here is what you can find after you know the strength of your Day Master:

  • Your relationship with your parents, your spouse, your siblings and your children
  • Your personal character, behaviour and personality
  • Your skills, what you are good at, your job, your suitable roles
  • Your ability to create and amass wealth
  • Your child’s ability, preferred studies and sports choices
  • and many more……..

This is truly an amazing art.

Where to learn the steps to read a BaZi Chart?

We have launched an online course for beginners who want to get onto the right path of learning BaZi effectively. There are many students out there who are still looking for a breakthrough even after many years of study. We want to reduce that number and create more breakthroughs for you.

The title of the online course is Strength of Day Master. You can click on the link to get more details.

What’s so special about the course?

We have designed this course specifically to help you achieve breakthroughs faster and to quickly progress to advance stage of interpreting the BaZi chart.

We are focused on teaching what you really need to know instead of telling you stories to impress you.

The course is structured in logical steps, preparing you well before the next step. This is to help you stay focused and build your technical knowledge progressively.

Most of the courses in the market are conducted over three days. That’s a lot to cover in 3 days. Is it possible to learn effectively in just 3 days? I think you have the answer.

Most of the time, access to the instructor gets limited and at times, frustratingly difficult, after the class is over.

But if you join our online course, you have access to the materials 24/7 and flexibility to ask questions at any time. You will get personalized attention and the support of other senior students and instructors as well.

For Effective Learning Journey

If you are looking to start your Chinese Metaphysics journey, start by learning how to read BaZi charts and shorten your learning curve. The power of the universe has brought you here and giving you the chance to expedite your learning progess.

Get in touch with us here for more information on our Strength of Day Master course. It will cover the basic fundamental topics listed above, access to videos, notes, homework, exercises and more.