3 general dates to avoid in date selection

3 general dates to avoid in date selection

Date selection is in essence selecting a date and time to start a particular activity that is in sync with the energies of the universe. When the energies are conducive for a particular type of activity, beginning an activity at that time is to ensure we commence on a positive note and enjoy smoother process to completion.

Imagine you are listening to an orchestra playing. When the different instruments come together at a specific and precise moment and continues with the flow of the melody in harmony, a beautiful musical piece follows. Once it is started at the right time, the flow is beautiful. If the timing is off, disastrous results follows. Date selection is like finding that specific and precise moment to begin playing.

While date selection is meant to select a good date and time for an activity in begin, it is equally important to know in advance which day is to be avoided as much as possible. Once you have strike out those “bad” dates, then you are free to refine further those dates that are available for choosing.

Bad dates consist of dates that are general and those that are personal. The discussion in this post is the general dates to be avoided through out the year. Future posts will discuss bad dates that affect an individual at the personal level. General bad dates affects everyone and personal bad dates affects any individual in question. The general bad dates to avoid are as follows:

1. Year Breaker Days

The Year Breaker Days are the days with opposing energies against the energy of the year. This is the first bad day you want to avoid in date selection.

Each year there is a “governing” force known as the Grand Duke or “Tai Sui”. In layman terms, the Grand Duke title is given to one of the twelve Chinese animal zodiac of the year. For example, year 2015 is the year of the Goat and therefore, the Grand Duke is the Goat.

In BaZi terms, the Grand Duke is one of the Earthly Branches for the year. In year 2015, the year pillar is 乙未 with 未 as the year’s earthly branch. Hence, 未 (Wei) is the Grand Duke of the year.

The Year Breaker, also known as “Sui Po”, is the opposite star of the Grand Duke. The Year Breaker is like an “opposition” that goes against the order of the year. This is why it is not a good day to do anything important on personal or business level because the energy for the day is not very stable.

Year 2015 is the year of Goat 未 (Wei). Goat clashes with Ox 丑 (Chou) and the Year Breaker days for the year of Goat 未 is an Ox 丑 day. Therefore, avoid Ox 丑 day is you are planning to do or start anything important.

As each year is governed by one of the twelve Grand Duke, there will be a different Year Breaker (Sui Po) for each of the Grand Duke. The following “clash” diagram shows the Year Breaker for each of the Grand Dukes. They are always the opposites.

6 clashes earthly branches

2. Month Breaker Days

The second date to avoid is the Month Breaker Days. The month breaker days are days where it is against the energy of the month. The Month Breaker Day is more significant when compared to the Year Breaker day because the current month energy is more active and it is much closer to the day of any activity selected. Therefore, the impact is greater and changes felt are more significant.

In BaZi, each month is represented by a month pillar. The Month Breaker Day is a day where the energy is in conflict with the main energy of the month.

For example,the month of June is typically govern by the earthly branch of 午 (Wu). Referring to the same chart above, look the the opposite star of 午 (Wu). The earthly branch is 子 (zi) and this is the Month Breaker day for the month of 午 (Wu). All the 子 (zi) day in the month of 午 (Wu) is the Month Breaker Day. Hence, this is another day to avoid conducting any auspicious activities.

3. Day Breaker Hour

The Day Breaker Hour is the 2-hour time period that is in conflict with the Earthly Branch of the Day. The hours that are in conflict with the day will negate all the positiveness of the day. We do not encourage any important activities to be conducted during those hours.

How do you find the Day Breaker Hour? Firstly, you need to find the pillar of the day. If the pillar of the day 壬(Ren)- 子(Zi), the Day Breaker hour is 午 (Wu), that is, between 11am to 1pm. This means avoid signing contracts, move in new house at that hour. These are the hours where it is in conflict with the energies of the day.

What is the fastest way to determine “Breaker” Day or Hour?

The easiest and the fastest way is to generate a BaZi natal chart of the day. Look at all the Earthly Branches of the natal chart. Refer to the Earthly Branches “Clash” chart above.

Ensure there are no clashing relationships of Earthly Branch between the Day pillar and Year pillar (Year Breaker Day), Day Pillar with Month Pillar (Month Breaker Day), Day Pillar with Hour pillar (Day Breaker Hour). As long as there are no Clash relationships, the general bad day is not found and you can continue to check for your personal bad days and so on.

When you eliminate all the bad dates related to the 3 “Breakers”, you will realized you do not many days to choose. So far, we have only eliminated the general dates bad dates and we have not determined those dates that are not suitable personally for you yet. Once we have eliminated your Personal bad dates, then only we can determine which days are good for you and then find the hour that strongly supports you and the activity on those good days.

If you want to do-it-yourself date selection, there are plenty of resources, books and websites that talks about Date Selection. The most basic resources you need is to have access to ten thousand year calendar with references to BaZi or Four Pillar natal chart. Ability to generate BaZi chart will be a big plus to help you understand Date Selection better.

But for now, remember those three classification of days and hour to avoid when you are doing date selection.

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Do you have any experience in Date Selection that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.