BaZi – Differences between Strength of Chart and Strength of Element
BaZi – Differences between Strength of Chart and Strength of Element

Strength of Chart vs Strength of Element: Many students often gets confused when we talked about strength of natal chart and strength of element.

What exactly is the difference?

Strength of Chart

The strength of the natal chart is the strength of the Day Master.

A Day Master is the Heavenly Stem on the day pillar in a BaZi natal chart. It is a point of reference in our BaZi reading. A Day Master represents the subject we are analyzing in the course of our BaZi reading. It represents us as the subject of interest.

The natal chart shows a glimpse of our destiny from the day we are born. It is the moment where all the energies of the universe are gathered together at the time of your birth. It is a moment where you begin your life journey on this earth.

The natal chart tells us the “Early” Heaven part of your story. It is what you are given at birth. It is your inherent personality and character. And, they are usually off-balance.

As you know, the study of Chinese metaphysics is a study of balance. The off-balance energy are usually the cause of problems. To find cure, we need to find balance. We need to bring something to counter-balance. When a BaZi natal chart is balanced, you’ll find peace, joy and harmony.

So, the first part of reading a BaZi chart is to find the strength of the Day Master. This strength is only related to the Heavenly Stem on the Day Pillar. It is about how the other seven characters in a BaZi chart influence the Day Master.

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Strength of Element

The strength of the element, on the other hand, talks about the strength of each element found on the natal chart.

Eight “Chinese” characters makes a BaZi natal chart. They are arranged in four columns and each one of them represent one of the five elements. The five elements are Wood, Fire, earth, Metal and Water. We want to know the strength of each element found in the natal chart.

The strength of each element in the chart gives us an indication of personality traits. It is able to tell us if the trait is solid and unwavering. It could also tell us if it is just a fluff and easily swayed. Or it could tell us there are real hidden talents beneath the simple-mindedness of a person you observed.

Some examples

In a typical BaZi natal chart, we have a 壬 Ren water Day Master. It is a Strong Water Day Master. In a strong chart, this means the Day Master is Strong.

Apart from the Day Master, there are other elements in the natal chart as well.

There could be wood element in the chart and this wood element can be a weak wood. Weak wood in a strong Water natal chart is how we read it.

In another example, you may also find a weak Xin metal Day Master. But, at the same time, you have a strong metal element in the natal chart

“A weak metal Day Master but strong metal element in the natal chart? How is that so?”

To fully understand this concept, you will need to know how we process and calculate the strength of the Day Master.

Using our method of calculation, we assume the Xin Day Master to be a weak Day Master. But in the natal chart itself, there may be another Geng or Xin metal on the Heavenly Stem and it could be “Rooted”. This will make the metal element strong in a weak Xin metal Day Master chart.

The rootedness makes the element strong but as a natal chart, the overall elements are not strong enough to make the Xin metal Day Master be a strong chart.

To arrive at this conclusion, you need to know how to derive the strength of the Day Master and know how to determine the strength of the element in the natal chart. Once you get that, it is easier to understand and know how the differences comes about.

Hopefully, up to this point, you understand the difference between a strong or weak chart and strong or weak element.

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