BaZi Analysis Introduction

What is BaZi Analysis?

BaZi analysis is a study of your life journey, who you’re destined to be from the day you were born. If you want to know what is your purpose in life, what you are really good at, …….how to maximize your full potential and when is the right timing to do something, BaZi analysis will help you decode them.

In our journey on earth today, we are governed by the three cosmic trinity. They are the Earth Luck, Man Luck and Heaven Luck.

Earth Luck refers to the place we were born, the place where we live, where we work and so on. The cosmic energy from the earth will influence our everyday thinking, our performance and our decision-making. The Study of Feng Shui is to help us harness the positive earth energy that supports our everyday life.

Man Luck refers to the action that we take during our lifetime. Every decision and action we make leads to certain consequence, producing either a positive or a negative result. Each of the result will lead to further consequences that will eventually define who we are and what we have become. Therefore, Man Luck is very important. It is so important that we have to make the right decision, take the right action, at the right time to ensure we have a smoother journey during our lifetime.

Heaven Luck is something we do not have control in. Where we are born, who our parents are, our siblings, they are all pre-destined according to Heaven’s will. Heaven Luck is where you find the details of what you’ve been given, your skills and your strength. This is where the study of BaZi Analysis comes in.

The Study of BaZi includes the analysis of our life path that has been defined from the day we were born. We analyse our BaZi charts to find what we have been given and to prepare us for what is ahead of us, what our luck cycle is and how to maximize our potential.

The Connection

In any discussion on BaZi Analysis, the terms Destiny, Fate and Luck will always be mentioned. Do they have the same meaning or do they have differences?

Fate, according to some definition specifies something that has been predetermined and it has happened. For example, someone had achieved success as a doctor and most people would say he is fated to be a doctor.

Destiny, on the other hand, says that although it has been predetermined and the road seems to be leading that way, however, it has not happened yet. Things could still changed. A student is studying to be a doctor. Many are saying he is destined to be a doctor. It’s his destiny. But it has not happened yet. Can he decide to be a business person instead? It’s still very possible.

Luck. A person’s life is not about destiny alone. Yes, our destiny charts shows what has been given to us. This is good information. But, how we make our lives better and what we do with our live is more precious. Fortune or Luck in our study of BaZi analysis is dynamic and can be changed. During the favourable luck period, our fortunes are good, our roads in life are better and smoother. Luck works together with Destiny and it can either improve or worsen our choice of life path.

The cosmic trinity of heaven, Earth and Man is interdependent. In other words, they work hand-in-hand together, supporting one another. The Heaven Luck tells us who we are, the Earth Luck finds us an environment that is good for our home, our work place and supports our goals in life. Man Luck allows us to take action towards a positive change. The Man Luck is what we do to improve the life path we have been given. This three-luck combination gives us the opportunity to super-charge our life.

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