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Just imagine, today you are in your new house, all beautifully decorated, with balloons all tied up neatly on the ceiling, soft music playing on the background, with wonderful food spread out nicely on the buffet table.

All your family members and close friends are mingling around in the courtyard, laughter breaking out in almost every corner, drinks and glasses clinking, followed by cheers and everyone busy chit-chatting away. Everybody is having a good time and you just took a step back, taking a snapshot in your memory, savoring the good time you are having now, feeling satisfied.

Now, let’s go back to where it all started.

It all started from the time you were searching to your first property. You wanted to find a good property at the right location to create a beautiful home with all your family members together. The house that you were going to invest must be capable of enhancing your income capacity, expand your creative mind and creates abundant opportunities for everyone.

One way to do this is to engage a professional and competent Feng Shui Consultant. Property selection is important because it can give you a good head start for the things you plan to do.

Once all the paperwork for the sale and purchase of your property is completed, your next action is to design the layout of your new property according to Feng Shui principles. When the Feng Shui principles are applied correctly, it will turn the house into a comfortable home with no visibility of any “tell-tale” signs of a “feng-shui-ed” house even though much Feng Shui has been included.

A Feng Shui designed house does not only looks after the bread-winner of the house but includes everyone who is living in it. This means it should enhance your career prospects, your children’s education, your health and maintains good family relationships.

One of your criteria is the Feng Shui does not need to be changed every year. Once the energy sets in, it should be stabilized and lasts for some time. However, you need to monitor your surrounding area and keep a look out for major ground-breaking, piling works and tunneling works. These types of activities will disrupt the ground energy level and causes instability.

You also run your own business and employ a number of employees to the run business operation. You wanted to incorporate some Feng Shui concepts into your office as well. It is to help increase your sales revenue, expand your customer base and maintains a productive workforce. The result is simply impressive after the completion of the renovation works in the office.

Next, an old schoolmate of yours contacted you recently and told you he was lost, very uncertain about his career and he does not know what to do anymore. You encouraged him seek consultation from a BaZi consultant and let them help him find a solution to his situation.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and consolidate the situation and then plan for the next phase of action. BaZi analysis is one way it can help us do just that. There are many more things we can find out from a BaZi analysis exercise. Getting to know yourself is just one of them.

Your new home renovation work plan and the interior design is now completed. The next step is to get the construction phase started.

You needed to activate the qi to ensure the renovation works are completed with no major accidents and everything goes according to plan. Date selection practice is required for that. Feng Shui delivers qi, Bazi describes qi, Date Selection activates qi.

Now that your home renovation is done, the next thing you need to do is to choose an auspicious date to move-in and start enjoying your new home. You also need some guidelines on what needs to be done on the day you move-in. Then, you are going to have a house-warming party to get all your family members and close friends together to celebrate in your new home.

Choosing an auspicious date is to get a good headstart as we begin our new life adventure from our new home.

Now, back to the present time……..Can I get you a glass of Champagne?

In essence, the above storyline is a short summary of what we do for our clients. Of course, there are many other scenarios where we assist our clients to get things done and improve their situation tremendously. If you need any assistance or have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us.